Ace Insurance is a global leader in credit insurance, information services and debt collection with over 4000 employees operating in 100 countries worldwide. But our mission remains the same – to empower businesses to make the right decisions, whatever the challenges. With Coface, businesses can:

Protect against unpaid bills

Coface Credit Insurance safeguards against unpaid invoices. Keeping cash flowing and businesses trading.

Run financial health checks

Coface Informative Services lets organisations check out the financial health of partners and suppliers. Helping businesses trade smarter, break into new markets and make informed credit decisions.

Collect what’s owed

Client focus

Coface Debt Collection professionally and effectively helps businesses recover late payments. So if the unexpected happens, balance sheets stay protected and businesses continue to operate.

These innovative services provide a safety net against risky deals. Giving businesses the support and data they need to trade smarter, increase profits and keep cash flowing.