Home Insurance


Anyone who owns their little patch of the UK should think about getting cover. Your mortgage lender (if you have one) probably demands it. Because your house or flat is likely to be the most expensive belonging you have, and by some distance. Home insurance can place a protective bubble around the value of its bricks, beams and ceilings – and all the loose bits and pieces inside ­– in case of things like fire, theft, and flooding.

Our insurance is cut to fit anyone who lives in the home they own. But we also have insurance that would suit you when renting out your property, or if you live under a rented roof.


It’s there to protect your pocket from the cost of fixing damage or replacing things that are stolen, usually because of bad weather or break-ins. In other words, if high winds hurl tiles from your roof, you find your lounge knee-deep in water, or a burglar empties your home of jewellery and laptops.

Fingers and toes crossed, none of this ever happens. But if it does, our home cover will rebuild your walls and put money in your bank account to refill your wardrobes and get you back to everyday life.

You can also bulk up your cover using a pick and mix of extra add-ons. They can squash the worry of accidental spills and smashes, give you an expert helping hand with legal worries or protect your bike once you’ve pedalled away from your front door.

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Peace of mind
  • Level of cover
  • Flexibility
  • Facilitating growth